Sunday, January 3, 2016

So, This is 2016

Well, we now find ourselves in 2016, and with the new year, new resolutions are made--and probably broken by this point.  As I contemplated upon what I wanted to accomplish this year, I have come up with a number of goals that I want to work towards and complete this year.  At some level, I disagree with the whole idea of new years' resolutions, as I tend to be a big believer in continuous improvement.  I like to always find something about myself that I can work on and improve.   I also have a really hard time setting specific goals because I tend to quite perfectionist about goals.  I sometimes tend to go too far overboard with trying to achieve them that I end up setting myself up for failure.  I also tend to try and take on too much and overwhelm myself to the extent that I don't actually accomplish anything.  I've found that for me the best to proceed is to set general goals, work towards them, and learn along the smaller things that help meet the end-goal.  So with all that in mind, here is the as-of-now list of things I hope to be able to accomplish this year.*

Spiritual Goals
     1.I want to draw closer to my Heavenly Father this year by the following:
           a.More meaningful scripture study
           b.More meaningful prayer at least twice a day
           c.Attend the Temple weekly
     2.Read the Book of Mormon every day as part of my scripture study
     3.Strengthen my faith
     4.Do my part to spread the Gospel
     5.Strengthen my understanding and application of the Atonement in my personal life

Physical Goals
     1.Continue leaning out (I still want that six pack in my life!)
     2.Continue lifting heavier weights and experiment with new lifts (my strength)
     3.More cardio (my nemesis)
     4.Get to a point physically where I can mentally and emotionally let myself chill out about being           perfect all the time.

Life Goals
     1.Save up to buy a home
     2.More meaningful relationships with everyone around me (I'm trying to come out of my shell.  I           promise!)
     3.Continue education to some extent (I still want to learn Spanish, and I want to review some of             the things from my schooling)
     4.Learn to do at least three new things
     5.Read more

*I reserve the express right to make changes to these goals as circumstances change.

I feel that's a pretty good list to work off of.  I also am hoping that with this blog post, I will get back into posting here more regularly, like weekly.  I know that some of these may not come to pass this year, but that's kind of the point I feel like.  This is a subject for another post though (couldn't cram too much into one post or else I'd have nothing for a weekly post:)).  I'm sure that I will return to the ideas of goals and improvement soon.

For me, 2015 was a wild and crazy year with lots of ups and downs, and I've ended up in some places I truly didn't think I would be right now.  On the whole it was an awesome year, and I fully expect 2016 to follow suit.

Sorry about the somewhat disjointed post here, but it is the first Sunday of the month.  Sometimes my brain isn't quite as activated those days for some reason...

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