Sunday, March 16, 2014


This is one of those topics that kind of meshes together fitness and life.  I had an experience a few months ago.  I had come to Logan for a career fair up at USU.  I had arranged to stay at my aunt and uncle's house while I was here.  I was in my final weeks of my first round of P90X.  During this time, I was feeling kind of discouraged by my lack of results, and I was having one of the moments which I still always have where I feel as though I'm going backwards in my fitness goals.  As I was in this mood, I happened to be changing my clothes in front of a full length mirror.  I had been in front of a mirror many times in the last few months, and I just wasn't seeing the changes.  This time, however, I was standing on the other side of the room from the mirror.  Usually I stood right near the mirror.  What I could see as I looked at myself suddenly caught my attention.  For the first time ever, I actually saw the very faint, very soft outlines of some abs.

As I pondered on this occurrence, I thought that this is just like life.  Sometimes we need to stop focusing on all the details of life, and instead we need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture in life.  I know that I often get frustrated by life and the happenings within, or more often the not so happenings.  I tend to think of myself as a pretty laid back person who can just go with the flow of whatever happens, but sometimes I have my own little plan that I want to have happen.  When things don't go like I plan, I can easily get frustrated and discouraged.

I think back to another experience I had a few years ago while I was attending USU.  In what was my most difficult semester, yet the best semester of my life, I often found myself on my knees pleading with God to help with all the things which I had going on.  I was in one class in particular that was just frustrating to me.  It was one of those classes where I felt as though nothing I did was right.  It annoyed the heck out of me.  I had one of those weeks where every teacher gave me 100 papers and 20 midterms.  I was really starting to freak out a bit.  One night I was saying my prayers, and I prayed for the strength to help me get through the week.  Suddenly, I could almost feel someone grab a hold of my head and turn it a bit.  It suddenly dawned on me that I was halfway through the semester, and the Lord had really blessed me greatly during the semester.  He had already helped me get to the point I was at.  In that instant, I knew everything was going to be alright, and it was.  I survived my crazy semester and that crazy dumb class.

Sometimes life just seems overwhelming with all the challenges which can be thrown our way.  In those difficult times is when we really need the Savior the most, and we look to Him to help us.  As we take a step back and change our perspective, we often find that He has been there helping us all along.  He will keep us going even in the hardest times if we will let Him carry us.  It's a hard thing to do, but sometimes it's better not to get caught up in the little details of life, only to miss the bigger picture.  Life is too short to worry about those little details.  Instead we should just be enjoying life and enjoying the journey.

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